Episode 5 A Dreadful Plan

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Chapter 5

Gordo arrived at the entrance of the Pet Cemetery and looked around. He was a few minutes late and Dottie hated tardiness. He kept rubbing his hand on his jacket to get the unseen cobwebs off his hand.

He then realized that there was not a sound in the forest. The crickets and other night sounds he heard while walking earlier were now silent. He then heard a rustling noise through the trees above.

Something black dropped out of the inky darkness and landed on his shoulders. Dottie had been hiding in the trees waiting for Gordo’sarrival. When she saw her opportunity, she pounced.

“Yellow?” Dottie hissed

Gordo in the Woods“Why would you wear a yellow rain coat? Are you trying to draw attention to us?” she chastised.

Gordo, trying to catch his breath looked at Dottie. She was covered in black from head to toe. She had even covered her bright yellow hair with a black knit cap.

“It looked like it was going to rain again.” Gordo responded. “Why are we here?”

“We are in a cemetery and I asked you to bring a shovel. Care to take a guess?” Dottie asked with her hands on her hips. She was clearly not happy with his wardrobe choice.

Gordo had not really thought that far ahead. Ever since Dottie told him to meet her at the graveyard that late, he kept thinking about how he could get out of the house without getting caught.

“We are here to make things right. We are here to get Fluffy.” Dottie said.

“I don’t think those two sentences go together, Dottie.”

“Suzy is very upset because Fluffy is not with her. I figured out a way to keep Fluffy in Suzy’s life forever.”

Gordo was getting more concerned with each word coming out of Dottie’s mouth. Disturbing someone’s final resting place in the middle of the night did not sound like a good idea.

“Here is the plan, we are going to dig up Fluffy and take her over to see Mort who does domestic taxidermy. Mort is going to stuff her in a peaceful pose and then we are going to take her over and sneak her into Suzy’s bedroom. Suzy will wake up to her beloved kitty and everything will be right in the world.”

“Wow…uh…wow.” Gordo struggled to find the words to respond.

Dottie took off her black cap letting her blonde hair cascade over her shoulders.

“I don’t think that that is a good idea…” Gordo began

“I agree…it’s a GREAT idea!” Dottie gushed. “Just imagine how excited she will be when she opens her eyes and sees Fluffy.”

“I don’t think excited is the right word.” Gordo responded thinking how he would react if he woke up with a dead cat in his bed.

“Maybe thrilled is a better word.” Dottie gushed.

“Now grab your shovel and lets get to work”.

Gordo, at a loss for words, grabbed his shovel and followed Dottie into the dark gloomy pet cemetery.

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Words and Pictures Copyright SF Varney