Episode 12 The Long Road Home

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Chapter 12

“There has to be a rational explanation for this.” Gordo said to Dottie as they walked home.

Dottie was not in the mood to talk. Her perfect plan had been ruined.

“Maybe there was another cat or some other animal in the room that got spooked and ran through the wet spot.” Gordo volunteered.

“I think it was his stupid owl. It was probably still hungry.” Dottie fumed.

“Well, I guess we can go back tomorrow after school and investigate this mystery. It’s not as if Suzy was actually expecting to wake up with her cat tomorrow morning.” Sighed Gordo.

Dottie stopped and looked at him.

“That is exactly the point. She wasn’t expecting it and it would have been the greatest feeling in the world for her to wake up and see Fluffy sitting there.” She said.

“Greatest feeling for who? You or her?” Gordo asked.

Dottie looked down at her shoes and didn’t answer.

“It was probably a good thing. Did you see how creepy Fluffy looked after Mort was through with her? Those huge eyes freaked me out.” Said Gordo.

They walked the rest of the way home in silence.

“Goodnight Dottie, I am sorry things didn’t work out the way you planned.” Gordo said to her as they stopped at the gate in front of her house.

“Its okay. Sometimes things just don’t work out. I will see you at school in the morning.” Dottie replied.

She then faded into the darkness to sneak back into her second story bedroom.

Gordo trudged on home with the weight of the world on his shoulders. He was tired, wet, cold, and a little disturbed. Although he felt that it was a bad idea from the start, he hated to see Dottie upset.

And there was also the question about what happened to Fluffy. Was it the owl or some other wild animal that took Fluffy out of that room? Mort and Dottie didn’t believe Fluffy walked out of that room but Gordo wasn’t so sure.

As he walked up the path to his house, he wondered how he was going to get back into the house without getting caught. After looking at the window, Gordo decided he was too tired to attempt to climb though it. That left the front door. At this point, he didn’t care whether or not he got caught. He just wanted to get to bed.

He stopped at the bottom of the steps and picked up a rock. Underneath it was the spare key to the house. He walked up the steps and put the key in the lock.

Gordo heard the family basset hound begin to growl. Once he opened the door, Banjo recognized his master and began to thump his tail against the hardwood floors.

“Shhhhh. Banjo, be quiet.” He whispered.

He heard his dad moving around the bedroom. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the leash hanging by the door and clicked it on Banjo’s collar.

“Gordo, what are you doing up so early?” His father asked in a deep voice as he walked groggily from the bedroom.

“I heard Banjo whining and thought he needed to go out. I didn’t want him to have another accident.” Gordo answered.

Banjo looked at him disapprovingly. He didn’t like to be reminded of his “accidents.” Especially when it wasn’t an accident.

“Good idea.” Said his Dad with a yawn. “Once he’s finished doing his business, you should go back to bed. It is only five am and you need to get your rest. Be careful to not wake your brother.”

“Will do Dad. Sorry to wake you up.” Gordo said with relief in his voice.

His dad walked back into the bedroom and closed the door.

Gordo was glad his dad did not have his coffee yet and it was dark. Otherwise, he might have noticed that Gordo was fully dressed and had mud on his clothes.

After Banjo completed his business, Gordo locked the door and hung up the leash.

Gordo was exhausted from his long eventful night. He fell into the warm embrace of his bed and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

An hour later, his alarm clock began to ring.

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