Episode 13 An Unexpected Visitor

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Chapter 13

The early morning light began to peek through the pink lacy curtains lining the window in Suzy’s room. The light slowly crept across the floor and then up across the bed where Suzy lay.

She had not slept well. Suzy spent most of the evening after the funeral by herself in her room. Some of her close friends stopped by to see her but she would not come out of her room.

Her mom and dad both were very concerned about her. She did not eat her dinner. Her dad offered to take her to adopt another cat. Her mom offered to take her shopping for clothes. Her little brother offered her his pet frog.

Nothing and no one could replace Fluffy.

She lay on her bed with a picture of her and Fluffy during happier times. She took it out of the decorative frame in an attempt to be closer to Fluffy. The paper felt stiff and cold in her hands, not soft and warm like Fluffy. Suzy felt like she would never sleep again but finally she dozed off.

As the warm morning light kissed her arm, she finally began to wake from her troubled slumber. Her eyes fluttered open.

As she stretched her arms, she noticed a strange odor. It was a musty, earthy smell that seemed to fill the room.

She was startled by a noise that came from a corner of the room that was still drenched in darkness. She tried to focus her eyes but they were still bleary from just waking up.

Suzy then heard a familiar sound. It was a low purring noise that Fluffy made whenever she was happy.

Her heart swelled with excitement. Fluffy was alive. It had all been a horrible nightmare.

“Fluffy?” she whispered, her heart beating hard with excitement.

The purring paused for a second.


“Come here sweetie.” Suzy said softly. She could now see a dark feline shape moving back and forth in the shadows.


“What’s wrong, Fluffy?” Suzy asked. She noticed small sparks flashing in the darkness like lightning bugs on a warm summer night.

Something dark with matted fur stepped gingerly into the light.

Suzy screamed.

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