Epilogue | Suzy Sparks

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The hospital corridor was long with stark white walls and rows of fluorescent lights flickering overhead. The tiles on the floor, although scrubbed clean, showed signs of wear.

Two doctors walked out of one of the rooms. One of them wrote on the chart on the clipboard and placed it in the holder on the wall next to the door.

“Definitely an unusual case. It looks like she will be here for while.”

“What do you think caused her to act out so dramatically?”

“I don’t think losing her cat caused it but it definitely pushed her over the edge. She obviously had some deep-rooted issues prior to the event. She was destined for a breakdown.”

“Such a tragedy. I hope we can help her. Well, I have to go to my next appointment. What time do you have?”

The doctor looked at his watch.

“That’s odd. It looks like my watch has stopped.”

“You probably need a new battery.”

“I just replaced it this morning. I noticed it stopped yesterday. Maybe it is time for a new watch.”

The doctor looked through the small window to see their patient.

The room was small and bare. There was nothing in the room but a small silver metal bed frame with a thin grey striped mattress and a tiny frosted window crisscrossed with security wire located high off the ground. The walls were bone white and free from decoration. The fluorescent lights bathed the room in a slightly blue tint.

Suzy sat at the edge of the bed with her hands clasped tightly in her lap. Next to her was a forgotten teddy bear her mom brought to her from home. Her hair was still sticking up in all directions despite several attempts by others to comb it down. Suzy’s eyes had dark circles under them and her skin seemed so pale that it almost looked like she was glowing.

The doctors didn’t see the small sparks flashing electric blue in her eyes.

Suzy’s eyes narrowed and she clenched her fists.

She was angry at what they had done to her cat.

She had to get out.

Fluffy told her what happened. Someone had to pay.

“Dottie” she hissed.

The lights exploded in a shower of sparks and her cell was bathed in darkness.

Suzy Shocks!